Sunday, 6 December 2015

Winter Illuminations

Recently I was commissioned to facilitate a workshop at the Watts Gallery in Surrey to coincide with the opening of Winter Illuminations, a series of sculptural kaleidoscopes created and installed for the gallery by collaborators Terry Perk and Julian Rowe.
For the workshop, I designed and created a kit that allowed gallery guests to create a miniature kaleidoscope of their own, comprising of:

1 x main body
2 x end pieces
2 x number plates
3 x mirror strips

The important thing was to create something that both children and adults could understand and construct, yet something that was also elegant and beautiful. An object was devised that consisted of just a small number of pieces that could be assembled through simple instruction. Using a laser cutter allowed a high level of intricacy and precision so that assembly, too, was simple - predetermined folds and a form that could only be constructed in one way; there were only fifty editions, all of which were numbered and distributed to the public at the workshop. The end result was a sturdy kaleidoscope that was both functional and attractive, capable of being used by the naked eye or with a camera.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Satellite:1984 - A Glimmer in Time and Space

Did you see yourself in the mirror? For just a moment it seemed like you made it across, like you broke through time and space to step into a new time-space continuum. But really, you didn't, because you're still physically in front of me - only your reflection made it through, a reversed copy. It is you but it isn't you. Is it even you? A stranger in the place through the mirror that we want to visit, a reflection of a distant possibility. A mirage.

We created a new reality and a copy, a heterotopia. We established a fiction that is real nonetheless. But who is to say what is real and what is not? How can we ever be sure of which reality is the correct reality? Satellite:1984 brought us closer to Form and the realm thereof, through a collection of artefacts and notions all in an act of becoming what they ought to be. The more we engage the closer we are to being, the more we can experience.

Sunday, 15 November 2015


Not necessarily a dystopian future, this one just happens to be different...
A new reality perhaps.

A series of elements that combine to create a new experience.
Machines, new functions, repurposed. Proposals.
Temporal devices and spatial situations.Light and the power of reflection, 
the essence of materiality.

Step through the looking glass, Alice, and see the things that we do.
This is our fiction.